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Prabhat Mill Store offers reliable FHP belts for industrial applications. Image depicts FHP belts displayed against a machine

FHP Belt

 FHP Belts | Prabhat Mill Store


High-Performance Belts for Fractional Horsepower Electric Motors


- Purpose-Built for FHP Motors:

  •   Specifically designed to perform exceptionally well with small diameter pulleys under varying load, usage, and service conditions.

  •   Ideal for fractional horsepower electric motors commonly found in home appliances and small machinery.


- Typical Applications:

  •   Domestic Washing Machines: Ensures smooth and reliable operation.

  •    Refrigerators: Provides efficient power transmission for cooling mechanisms.

  •    Small Fans: Enhances performance and longevity.

  •    Blowers and Centrifugal Pumps: Supports efficient airflow and fluid movement.

  •    Oil Burners and Stokers: Reliable operation under continuous use.

  •    Meat Slicers: Ensures precise and consistent slicing.

  •    Cream Separators: Efficiently drives separation processes.

  •    Garage Equipment: Reliable performance for various tools and machines.

  •    Model Makers: Ideal for hobbyists and small-scale model building.

  •    Metal and Woodworking Machines: Enhances precision and reliability in workshops.


- Features:

  •   High Performance: Designed to deliver superior performance with small diameter pulleys.

  •   Durability: Built to withstand the conditions associated with fractional horsepower electric motors.

  •   Efficiency: Ensures reliable power transmission, reducing maintenance and operational costs.

  •   Ideal for Home Appliances: Perfect for various domestic applications, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of household equipment.


Explore our selection of FHP Belts at Prabhat Mill Store. Our belts are engineered to provide exceptional performance and durability for fractional horsepower electric motors, making them ideal for a wide range of domestic and small-scale industrial applications. Trust in our quality to keep your appliances and machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

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