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Prabhat Mill Store showcases high-performance hexagonal V-belts for industrial use. Image features a display of hexagonal V-b

Hexagonal V-Belts | Prabhat Mill Store


High-Performance Double Sided V-Belts for Dual Power Transmission


- What Are Hexagonal V-Belts?:

  •   Also known as Double Sided V-Belts, these belts transmit power from both sides, making them ideal for applications requiring multiple bends and dual power transmission.


- Special Construction:

  •   VARIBELT*VX Double Belts: Engineered with special tension cords to meet the demands of complex machinery and ensure reliable performance.


- Key Applications:

  •   Textile Machinery: Ensures efficient operation in textile manufacturing processes.

  •   Garden Technology: Suitable for garden equipment requiring dual power transmission.

  •   Poultry Feather Pickers: Enhances the performance and reliability of feather picking machines.

  •   Agriculture Machinery: Widely used in various agricultural machines for optimal performance.

  •   Husker Machinery: Essential for machinery used in husking operations.

  •   Rice Mills: Ensures smooth operation in rice milling processes.


- Features:

  •   Hexagonal Cross-Section: Designed for dual-sided power transmission.

  •   Durability: Built to withstand the rigorous demands of agricultural and industrial applications.

  •   Efficiency: Provides reliable power transmission, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


- Primary Uses:

  •   Agricultural Applications: Extensively used in farming equipment for enhanced productivity and reliability.


Explore the range of Hexagonal V-Belts at Prabhat Mill Store. Our double-sided V-belts are designed for superior performance and durability, ensuring your machinery operates smoothly and efficiently. Ideal for a variety of applications, from agriculture to industrial machinery, our V-belts meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Hexagonal V-Belts

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