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Durable and efficient wedge belts available at Prabhat Mill Store for mechanical and industrial applications

Wedge V-Belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB AND SPC)

Wedge V-Belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC) | Prabhat Mill Store


High-Efficiency V-Belts for Industrial Applications


- Superior Performance:

  •   Wedge V-belts are designed to provide a longer life with minimal slip.

  •   Capable of carrying more load than classical belts, making them ideal for space-saving applications where pulley diameter is not a constraint.


- Key Features:

  •   Smooth Starting and Running: Ensures a seamless operation with minimal vibration and noise.

  •   Low Maintenance: Designed for durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and upkeep.

  •   High Efficiency: Optimizes power transmission, ensuring that machinery operates at peak performance.

  •   Long Service Life: Built to withstand demanding industrial conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.


- Typical Uses:

  •   Centrifugal Pumps: Enhances the efficiency and reliability of pumping operations.

  •   Compressors: Ensures consistent and efficient power transmission for various compressor types.

  •   Tool Machines: Ideal for a wide range of industrial tools, providing reliable and efficient power transmission.


- Available Types:

  •   SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC: Offering a variety of options to suit different load and operational requirements.


Explore the range of Wedge V-Belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC) at Prabhat Mill Store. Our high-quality V-belts are engineered to deliver superior performance, efficiency, and durability for various industrial applications. Trust in our products to ensure your machinery runs smoothly and efficiently, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

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